My research spans three broad areas.

The first focuses on the application of network analysis to revisit several phenomena in Core Information Systems research areas. As an example, the current working paper with Dr. Ali Tafti, examines the role of network position in an ecosystem of IT-producers and IT-Consumers and its impact on value from R&D investments. Another project on Patent analysis for software firms will be extended to consider a reformulation of ambidexterity by considering patent citation networks.  I am also experimenting with visualizing online discussion networks in online courses using network analysis.

The second focuses on the use of social applications in organizations and among end users. My dissertation identified some design recommendations, which would help make social applications/websites more interactive, thus leading to higher engagement or “stickiness”. My subsequent research has focused on considering the use of social applications within organizations, with the intention of discovering best practices for using these applications to increase productivity by making knowledge creation easy and easily shareable and discoverable. I may explore the scope of writing cases based on interactions with organizations during this research.

The third focuses on a new research interest in online education and training, which dovetails with my teaching interest as well. I find that there is a significant overlap in my initial research interest on social applications and best practices in engaging students in online courses. With the trend towards open education and Flipped Classrooms, I intend to follow through further on this and extend it to online training in organizations as well. I intend to leverage this research and be a thought leader in planning and implementation of online and blended programs.

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